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Re: [SLUG] After kernel 2.6.5-1 install, cursor&printing lost, reboot hangs after upgrade...

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 06:15:23PM +1200, Adam Felix Bogacki said
> Hi, attempting to installing MPlayer,  I found had no audio with the 
> 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel.
> I apt-installed the 2.4.25-1-686 kernel, headers, and alsa-modules but 
> was  ultimately informed
> on alsa-users that my kernel/modules were 'foobar' . Kernel 2.6 .5-1-686 
> includes alsa-modules so I tried that.

Well, 2.4.25 has about 6 local root exploits, but, aside from that, you
can certainly build the ALSA modules from the alsa-source package.

> On first reboot, I found that OO0 1.1 and AbiWord would not print but 
> that MPlayer had good audio and video, when it worked. On subsequent 
> reboots, the cursor was frozen in the center of screen following login 
> but I could use command-line functions in unconfigured windows, 

Yes, you do indeed need to read the kernel CHANGES document, or one of
the trillions of 2.4->2.6 guides before embarking on a major kernel
upgrade.  For a start, you need to load the mousdev module, and possibly
the psaux or psmouse one if you have a PS/2 mouse.  Also, make sure you
have hotplug installed.  Some google hints: "dave jones 2.6 upgrade" and
"wonderful world of 2.6".  Printing problems probably stem from not
loading the lp module.

> including mutt and MPlayer.  I tried a number of 'apt-get updates' and 
> 'apt-get dist-upgrades --fix-missing' in the hope that appropriate 
> package downloads  would fix the cursor and problems. 

No, they were (probably) kernel config problems, which apt won't ever be
able to fix.

> The last 'dist-upgrade --fix-missing' included an upgrade of  
> 'kernel-image-2.6.5-1-686' and the
> install of a 'libmouse' package,  but then came a message that modules 
> needed to be re-generated during boot, and that I needed to 'reboot soon'.
> On rebooting however, I get the message "Loading Linux .........." and 
> then the screen hangs.

That's, uh, bad.  Does it go blank or does it just not change from that
point?  Does the disk audibly churn?

> I can access the system on a 2.25 kernel rescue disk, but which does not 
> have net access.

Can you purge (dpkg -P) and reinstall the kernel-image-2.6.5-1-686
package from this kernel?

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