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Re: make-kpkg -revision

On 11-05-2004 02:02, Ben Edwards wrote:

Have read a few kernel build howto amd was wondering is there anything wrong with just using EXTRAVERSION rather than -revision. It seems better as you can tell whitch kernel you are using from uname -a. I'me a bit parinoid and after I install a new kernel it is very reasuring to be able to rerify whitch is working this way.

why don't you use both (I do):

make-kpkg --revision 1.01.mrh --append-to-version 1.01.mrh kernel_image

gives me my own deb package version, just as adds the same EXTRAVERSION. This causes also, that I can have few kernels of the same version (i.e. 2.4.26) compiled with different things in without modules messing, as each of them has the separate directory. The good practice is to save your .config files to all of compiled kernels to keep track of what is in the kernel you use, for example:


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