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Re: HD recovery & debian installation mirroring (& others)

Paladin wrote:
I'm sorry for this type of mail, but I can only use webmail...

I don't think I will be able to get that file now... unless doing
some hard recovery of the disk. I was able, in the begining, to read
the full disk and I did a "dpkg --get-selections" and saved the
result, but I think this won't be enough, right?

Hrm. So far as I know dpkg --get-selections should be the same as dpkg -l, which lists all currently installed packages. The output from both is identical on the system I am sending this from.

I have a operable Debian system, I'm using it to try to recover the
disk. But without that file.... maybe I could grep it? Does recover
work on a disk without partitions?

I'm sure there are many sophisticated tools for recovering data from faulty disks and corrupted file systems, but I have no experience with them.

You can, however, use the "dd" command to get at the raw binary data and then see whether you can track down the file you need.

But I'd recommend against this. Instead, you might want to start a new thread (or rename this one) with a name like "Recovering data from a corrupted disk".

Good luck.


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