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Re: error while processing console-common_0.7.41_all.deb

Apparently, _Xavier Pitz_, on 05/04/04 10:36,typed:
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Hello, I have the same problem.

Exactly the same symptoms, the same package produces the same error, so I'm not able to apt-get upgrade.
Verry anoying.

Is there a way to apt-get update everything exept one package ?

What I did was:
$> apt-get -s upgrade (this shows what packages are to be upgaded)
$> apt-get install <list of packages I want upgraded>

And by not including console-common in the list I leave it alone and it remains in its current stage.

Of course a more flexible method is using by dselect. In dselect you can choose which packages should not touched and should be 'held' in current state.


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