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AW: Debian Server with IPCop

> Does any one know how to deal with that, my debian is plugged on my green
> interface with dhcp, but i don't know how to setup apache, and if
> i can host
> with that setup .. ? Any suggestions .. ?


you should consider using an orange interface called DMZ which was
especially build to host webservers and such.....

AFAIK the green is protected to prevent acces from RED, so I don't think
that this will work. Take a third interface plug it in, choose setup from
your console and set it up and then put your apache server into the DMZ.
load up the ipcop webinterface and drill some holes in your firewall under
"services", got the german version though, could be called different....

So you just give it an ip address of e.g. (orange iface of ip cop then you tell the firewall to forward your.ip.add.ress to
gerenally forward to, the under port forwarding you tell ipcop
which porst should be fowarded... something like your.ip.add.ress:80 ----> and all incoming pakets on port 80 for your.ip.add.ress will be


P.S.: You can send me some mail for further questions if you'd like, I
manage three of them now :-)

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