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D-Link 530TX Problem!! [Solved]

 Dear Guy,

 The probelm corresponding to D-Link 530TX Network
Adapter was solved :) ( Hummm.. What's going on there
last night??? ;) made a revolution!)

 According to debian-user mailing list recommandations
(Bob, Dan, Welly, Donald ..) I have downloaded the
linux driver for D-Link 530TX from www.dlink.com. The
related driver was "rhinefet".

 Then, untar and copied all files in /temp/tmp folder.

 make install

 Everythings were going nice and "rhinefet.o"
generated. Copied the module into 


(Accoring to Donald Spoon suggestions, I had used bf24
kernel, not vanilla)


 alias eth0 rhinefet

 into /etc/modules.conf. Then issued:

 modprobe rhinefet :)

 Everything was good. Installed the "etherconf" and

 dpkg --reconfigure etherconf 

 rebooted the box and now everything is ok :)

 Thanks for your care and help. :)


Kaveh Gh.

Email : Kaveh_gh@mehr.sharif.edu



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