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Hope someone has knowledge of PEAR here.

I'm trying to search the Pear remote database for package(s). I keep getting
similar errors as this:

	Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to
	allocate 2949120 bytes) in /usr/share/php/XML/RPC.php(750) : eval()'d
	code on line 675

I've gone to line 675 in my RPC.php file, but I dunno what to change to corret
this. Any ideas?

Lines 669 to 679 are as follows:

	function parseResponse($data = "")
	  global $XML_RPC_xh,$XML_RPC_err,$XML_RPC_str;
	  global $XML_RPC_defencoding;

	  $parser = xml_parser_create($XML_RPC_defencoding);

	  $XML_RPC_xh[$parser] = array();

	  $XML_RPC_xh[$parser]['st'] = "";
	  $XML_RPC_xh[$parser]['cm'] = 0;

Thanks for any suggestions.

  Sunday May 09 2004 12:36:01 PM EDT
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