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Re: bash and sshd hang


It's Debian bug #242236: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=242236

Apparently the pam_ldap's session functions don't actually do anything, and they return a result that confuses SSH and makes it go into a loop, so they can be safely commented out. Not that you shouldn't comment out the account, auth, and password lines to do with pam_ldap, just session.


I just had the same problem, and I found out it was
due to the pam_ldap
module. If you comment out the "session sufficient
pam_ldap.so" line it
solves the problem. If you're not using pam_ldap it
might be a similar
problem, try running sshd in verbose mode and see
what sort of output
you get before and after you kill the out of control

yes, thats it.
but of course i need pam_ldap.so , so is it way to fix
it or is it pam/sshd/... bug?

Chris Boot

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