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Re: "Debian architecture" for P-III?

Jonathan Melhuish wrote:
> Googling turns up lots of arguments about whether or not it's worth 
> creating seperate optimized binaries for 686-class machines, and I have 
> to admit I'm not particularly fussed that they don't exist.
> However, I'm being forced to compile my own kernel so I thought I might 
> as well compile it in an optimized fashion.  "dpkg-architecture" seems 
> to be what I'm looking for, but neither the "known debian architectures" 
> or "system types" contain anything later than i386.
> Was I being naïve in thinking it would be that easy?

What does /proc/cpuinfo say on your machine?  How does the kernel
recognize your cpu?  That is the information to be used in determining
what compiler optimization to select.  Not the dpkg-architecture.

This information is also displayed at boot time.  It can be displayed
by 'dmesg' if it has not rolled completely off of the current storage.
It is logged to /var/log/syslog and the kernel parts are stored
separately in /var/log/kern.log.

If your /proc/cpuinfo says something like this:

  model name      : Pentium III (Coppermine)

Then select


at the "Processor family" configuration section of the linux kernel
for compilation.


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