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Re: Upgrading Debian

> Are there packages from Testing and Unstable on the Debian CD's (3.02
> etc)? or just Stable.
> I'm interested in installing Debian, but many packages in stable seem a
> little out of date, and an upgrade with a 56k modem looks as though it
> would take forever.

:-) check the archives. There was a rather long thread on the releases a
while back.

Stable contains just Stable packages - hence the name :-)
The release you run largely depends on the role the particular machine
fills, and on how much you trust the packages in unstable/testing.

I ran my home network (sad I know) on a 56k dialup until recently - now that
I can get broadband it has made keeping everything uptodate a *lot*
easier....even network installs :-))

If you want to run a production server, I thoroughly recommend using Stable
(woody) - with maybe the odd backport, depending on the packages you need
... I run web/dns/dhcp/db/file/ftp servers, both @ home and @ work, on
Stable with no problems .. I can't think of a particularily good reason to
need > Stable for a server.
For workstations, any of the releases should be fine - just bear in mind
that if anything breaks you get to keep both halves! :-)
Having said that, this forum is a superb source of information and help
should anything go TU..




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