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Re: Debian as a router.

I have posted the interim howto on

This will move in the next couple of days.

I have a few updates to do on the documentation as I have been slack

If anyone can find any glaring errors or omissions please let me know

This was written from the same frustration that some people on this list experience in trying to put it all together

Mal Beaton wrote:

No worries. I now will review it and update. I have been slack.

I will post the url tonight or tomorrow morning.

messmate wrote:

On Thu, 06 May 2004 20:14:05 +1000
Mal Beaton <mal@mbeaton.id.au> wrote:

I have a good howto for this if you are interested. I can post it
here However Mine is for adsl I have never used cable modem I assume
it can be set up in bridged mode as well

H. S. wrote:

Apparently, _Cordazer Calvin Broadus_, on 05/05/04 19:10,typed:

  Instead of buying a router I thought that I would
hook up my PC that has two NICs as a router. Basically what I have
below is a rough illustration of
what this looks like.  I am trying to sift through the
networking howtos from www.tldp.org but that is slow
going.  Has somone set this up?  Any good

[ISP]----[Cable MODEM]-----[My PC eth0]
                          [My PC eth1]----------[My iMac]

I am running:
[ISP]--[ADSL modem]-->[PC-R eth0][PC-R eth0]--Sw--->[PC Win98]
                                                   ---->[PC Sid]
(where Sw = switch, PC-R = router PC running Sarge)

Once you have the two NICs recognized in your router computer, you

are > ready to do NAT and masquarading.

It is vital that you have a firewall script set up on your router. Iptables is the way to go. There are numerous iptables how-tos on

the > internet. E.g.:



And to let the computers on your internal home network use internet
connection, you must turn masquarading on in your router, as

mentioned > in the above pages. (The only problme I see is if you do
not have > iptables modules compiled in your kernel, in which case
you need to > compile your kernel with netfilter and IPtables
support(Networking > options).)

Go through those pages and feel free to ask if you have any

questions. > Also, main files you will want to be aware about are:

and your firewall script(s)


I'm interrested to and have a dsl conncetion.
If you can post it.

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