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Re: Debian as a router.

No worries. I now will review it and update. I have been slack.

I will post the url tonight or tomorrow morning.

messmate wrote:

On Thu, 06 May 2004 20:14:05 +1000
Mal Beaton <mal@mbeaton.id.au> wrote:

I have a good howto for this if you are interested. I can post it
here However Mine is for adsl I have never used cable modem I assume
it can be set up in bridged mode as well

H. S. wrote:

Apparently, _Cordazer Calvin Broadus_, on 05/05/04 19:10,typed:

  Instead of buying a router I thought that I would
hook up my PC that has two NICs as a router. Basically what I have
below is a rough illustration of
what this looks like.  I am trying to sift through the
networking howtos from www.tldp.org but that is slow
going.  Has somone set this up?  Any good

[ISP]----[Cable MODEM]-----[My PC eth0]
                          [My PC eth1]----------[My iMac]

I am running:
[ISP]--[ADSL modem]-->[PC-R eth0][PC-R eth0]--Sw--->[PC Win98]
                                                   ---->[PC Sid]
(where Sw = switch, PC-R = router PC running Sarge)

Once you have the two NICs recognized in your router computer, you

are > ready to do NAT and masquarading.

It is vital that you have a firewall script set up on your router. Iptables is the way to go. There are numerous iptables how-tos on

the > internet. E.g.:


And to let the computers on your internal home network use internet
connection, you must turn masquarading on in your router, as

mentioned > in the above pages. (The only problme I see is if you do
not have > iptables modules compiled in your kernel, in which case
you need to > compile your kernel with netfilter and IPtables
support(Networking > options).)

Go through those pages and feel free to ask if you have any

questions. > Also, main files you will want to be aware about are:

and your firewall script(s)


I'm interrested to and have a dsl conncetion.
If you can post it.

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