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Re: Upgrading Debian

On Fri, May 07, 2004 at 09:22:06AM +0100, mags wrote:
> Are there packages from Testing and Unstable on the Debian CD's (3.02 
> etc)? or just Stable.
Hi Mags,
The Debian CD is stable (aka woody)
> I'm interested in installing Debian, but many packages in stable seem a 
> little out of date,
You are correct. The next release aka sarge (the current 'testing' is
being readied for release hopefully by the end of the year.

If you want to learn 'debian', the easiest way is with stable. 'testing'
is for people who want to help developers 'test' the next stable release.
And 'unstable' is full of the most recent packages and is constantly
updated. While using 'unstable' is great for cutting edge hardware and
laptops, it can provide the ocassional problem. If you go with unstable,
it is best to keep up with this list for help. If you go with stable,
you be able to learn 'debian' with little problem, only the makes that
you make as what will cause problems and not the problems caused by bad
packages, incompatibilies and other fun things. 'unstable' will provide
a great education but the ride is bumpy! 'stable' is also recommened for
'production' server as it is rock solid AND IS THE ONLY ONE WHICH HAS
> and an upgrade with a 56k modem looks as though it 
> would take forever.
It depends on where you live. If you are in the US, you just have to
download (like I do) for a day or two for a full upgrade. If you are in
a country where you pay for every minute of time, you are better off
using 'jigdo' to get an 'unstable' iso or order a cd from a vendor.
I run unstable on my desktop and things go well but every 2 or 3 months
there may be a bumpy ride depending on how often you update.
Happy computing,

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