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Re: bootlog question

On Thursday 06 May 2004 08:46 am, Wayne Topa wrote:
> Michael(mailmanmike@sbcglobal.net) is reported to have said:
> > debian testing with self-compiled kernel-2.6.5, would like to know how to
> > resolve/eliminate some messages when booting.
> > Will mention that the machine works fine; the eleven FATAL messages in a
> > row began after updating hotplug;  also I specifically didn't enable
> > pcmcia when I configured the kernel.
> > Your help is appreciated.
> > For example:
> <-- snip examples-->
> When you recompiled the kernel did you move the old /lib/modules/2.6.5
> direct to 2.6.5-old or whatever and make modules?  If not, that may be
> causing your 'fatal errors'.
> Wayne
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> Any program that runs right is obsolete.
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Thank you Wayne!
In order to keep my original post as brief as possible, I left out that 
previously I had been running a 2.6.3 kernel, so when I compiled the new 
2.6.5, there was no need to mv /lib/modules/...
I sure appreciate your response, I am still "digging" trying to figure this 
out, but have had zero luck thus far. I tried putting some things 
in /etc/hotplug/blacklist to no avail.
Please feel free if you have any other ideas!
Thanks again.

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