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Re: zip asdf backup.1 gives "zip warning: name not matched: backup.1"?

On Thu, 6 May 2004 12:06:50 -0500 
Michael Kahle <michael.kahle@scc-wi.com> wrote:

> I am trying to zip a file for a vendor.  The file is named "backup.1"
> and is 4.7G in size.

That could very well be the bad news. The PKZIP format itself has no
proper support for "large" files (I guess that means files >4GiB), only
some "proprietary" extension that's probably not supported by the Linux

I'd suggest asking your vendor if a gzipped file would be acceptable. If
they're using WinZip, that's a supported format. (Also tell them that
they should not try to "Open with WinZip" that file, WZ will try to
stuff a decompressed copy to the temp directory, which WILL take
ages and just MIGHT stuff a partition.)

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