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Re: Good documentation on Sound ?

At 2004-05-06T15:00:26Z, Brad Sawatzky <brad+debian@lamorak.phys.virginia.edu> writes:

> If you have a quasi-modern sound card/chipset, alsa can also let your
> sound card do the multiplexing in hardware.  ie. you don't need to run
> esd/arts anymore unless you want the funky network-stream capabilities.

Good point, but you *may* still have to run one of them if the
sound-generating programs you use haven't been updated to interface to ALSA
yet.  ESD and ARTS are also nice, generic compatibility layers to the
underlying operating system, so there's not a big incentive to add ALSA
support to a program that already uses one of the sound servers.
Kirk Strauser
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