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Re: Massive increase of spam on debian-*@l.d.o

On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 11:49:20PM -0700, William Ballard wrote:
| This isn't an accusation, just a question:
| What steps are being taken to mitigate the significant increase in spam 
| getting through to the lists?  It seems to have picked up dramatically 
| in the last two or three weeks.

Increase?  What increase?  What spam?


| Is it fixable?  Do I need to start giving up on Debian being able to 
| filter the spam?  and do Bayesian filtering myself on mail I get from 
| the lists?

See above URL.

BTW, Bayesian filtering has nothing to do with message IDs.  If you
     want a distributed message-id blacklist, use Razor or DCC.


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