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Re: SSH display problem

On Sun, 25 Apr 2004 19:20:10 +0200, Matthijs <vanaalten@hotmail.com>

> At work, I'm working on a HP-UX Unix machine. When I log into my own
> server from there, I've got no problems except that the display is not
> working correctly when I'm using programs like nano, vi or mutt.
> It's difficult to describe exactly. When I start mutt and I've got
> four e-mails to read, only 1 is displayed, the others become visible
> when I scroll the cursor down.
> When I open a textfile with nano, almost nothing is visible, but when
> I scroll the cursor to the right, the characters become visible one by
> one.

In case anyone else experience similar problems: it was indeed related
to the TERM setting. "export TERM=vt100" seems to be a good solution -
no nasty side effects so far.


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