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RE: Howto repartition a fat32 disk of win xp?

> Thanks for your reply Kent West,
> No it really is FAT32-formatted - I assume this is because this XP was
> installed over a windows 98 (as 98 missed some drivers my dad "just"
> bought a XP CD :-/ )

OMG! Reinstall! Reinstall! That's like you own a Ferrari but decide to put a
Fiat motor into it because it's too fast :-) *shakehead*.

No, really... NTFS is much faster and more reliable then Fat32... and a tip
to complete this "quest" of yours.

Make sure next time to divide the hdd similar to this here.....

WINTENDO (C:) - about 5 GB (for the erm, OS :-)
DATA:  (D:) - about 10 GB (for your data, if you need to share it r/w with
debian, make this one FAT32)
Debian: (E:) - 5 GB - which should be more then enough...

Get the idea? Regardless which installation needs to be renewed, your data
is safe on your 10 GB partition........ (unless your hdd crashes :-) and you
can even access it from both os'ses...

Just for your consideration,

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