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Re: Newby can't get Xwindows running

On (04/05/04 17:49), David Moore wrote:
> Now that I am flying I can't figure out how to land.
> How do I close X to get back to the shell, or shut the computer down without
> using the power switch on the logon screen or even worse while in kde
> desktop?
Hi David

This is where your fun begins ;)

Debian offers multiple terminals - If you press Ctl-Alt-F1 it should
take you to a console terminal, TTY1, Ctl-Alt-F2 to TTY2 etc.  TTY7 is the GUI desktop.

I use both Macs and PC's and I can never remember the exact combinations
but going from console to GUI seems to only need Alt+FnK for most of my

Depending on the Window manager you're using there is usually an option
to log out or reboot from the GUI.  To reboot or shudown from the
commandline you can use:

$ shutdown -h now (-r to restart)

or halt, reboot or poweroff

A really handy resource is:
http://people.debian.org/~debacle/refcard/ which gives you some of the
most common command options.

Have fun.  



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