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Re: What do I need in Kernel for DSL

Am Montag, 3. Mai 2004 20:16 schrieb Derrick 'dman' Hudson:

> | > Not necessarily.  I have DSL and don't touch PPP.  It depends on the
> | > nature of the service provided (e.g. static vs. dynamic IP number
> | > assignment).
> |
> | I have dynamic IP. Do I need it?
> Maybe, maybe not.
> What hardware do you use?
> What is the configuration of your current kernel?
> My parents' house has a DSL connection.  The IP address is assigned
> via DHCP.  A Cisco 677 device connects the phone cabling to the
> computer's ethernet card.  This Ethernet-ATM bridge does all the layer
> 2 bridging itself.  All the machine connected to it needs is the
> driver for the ethernet card.

I have german T-Online, I think they use Chap (maybe I'm wrong). I have an 
Ethernetcard with Realtech Chip and an D-Link DSL-360i Modem.
My current Kernel is bf24 from Woody installation.

MfG usw.

Werner Mahr
registered Linuxuser: 295882

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