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Re: bootlogd: ioctl (/dev/ttyzf, TIOCCONS): Bad file descriptor

In article <[🔎] 7w3c6ka0o7.fsf@i19.ruc.dk>,
Niels L. Ellegaard <gnalle@ruc.dk> wrote:
>I just looked at my system (Sarge/sid/linux-image-2.6.5-386), and it
>seems that my bootlogd is not running. It does not create a
>/var/log/bootlogd and at some point during the boot process I get the
>following error.
> bootlogd: ioctl (/dev/ttyzf, TIOCCONS): Bad file descriptor 

Looks like something is not well with /dev/ttyzf. Is it present?
Are you using 'udev' ?

>I pressume that I need to examine the setup file for bootlogd

bootlogd doesn't have a config file.

>and tell
>it to stop trying to listen to /dev/ttyzf, but don't know how to do

That's because you can't. Wouldn't make sense; bootlogd *needs*
the pseudo terminal or it won't work at all.

>       I would be grateful for a hint or an enlightening flame :)

Bootlogd is disabled by default because on many systems, it
simply doesn't appear to work :/ You added yet more proof of that.


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