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Re: Newbie-ish question: centralized debian place for X startup programs?

Hi Jaime

On Sun, May 02, 2004 at 11:58:32PM -0500, Jaime Herazo B. wrote:
> Hi. This is a kinda newbieish question. I'm fond of wmaker, but from
> time to time i get and try out other windowmanagers, mostly in my quest
> for The One True Flashy Desktop, something to show-off linux to other 
> people so they all go "wooooow!" :) 
> The problem is that i want to keep starting some stuff on X startup,
> like a messaging client, some monitoring stuff, and other things. But i
> wanna do it independently of the windowmanager chosen.
> Is there a standard debian place for stuff like this? like a
> $HOME/.startup file or something like that? that isn't dependant on the
> windowmanager? if not, what would be a good place to start looking for
> this?


Find mine attached as an example. It starts some programs and then pwm as the
window manager.

BTW: You can change the window manager any time in the debian menu.

Joachim Fahnenmüller

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procmeter3 -geometry +911+277 &

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