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Re: spawn of debian: choosing a live-boot CD distro

Will Trillich wrote:
ultimately what we're after is a debian-based install that does
server functions (email, web, database) that has GOOD DETECTION
ROUTINES at install, such as


any opinions on using these to detect hardware, install, and
serve, serve, serve?

we have direct experience with knoppix and morphix -- both have
good hardware detection, but insist on installing all kinds of
desktop/gui stuff.

trying to get a woody (or sarge, for that matter) up and running
on our raid server was a morass wed on't want to try again soon.
morphix detected everything, we installed, and then set runlevel
2 to NOT launch any X apps.

isn't there a cleaner way without having to be a brilliant
hardware guru?

It sounds as though your problem is in installing Debian on diverse systems rather than having to go through the hassle of installing it on a lot of machines, so I'm sure you don't want to here "just image the drives".

You say that you don't want GUI/desktop software.

With morphix, have you considered using its main/mini module system to create a customized morphix boot CD appropriate for headless operation with the services you need, or even creating your own mini modules for it?

All of the other live CDs you list bill themselves as Desktop distributions.


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