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bugs in stable ?


I use debian stable on a couple servers,
and testing/unstable on my workstations.

works great.

The security updates are nice on both stable and unstable.

debian-security-announce is wonderful. (did i mention apt-get yet ? ;-)

However, when there is a problem on a package in stable which 
is not important enough to be updated, the package stays 
as-is and information about this bug is difficult to retrieve.

That the package doesn't change is fine with me, what i'd like
is a way to keep track of problems of packages in the stable distribution.

I'd like thoses bugs to be reported by apt-listbugs.
I'd like the bugs submitted with reportbug on stable to have a "stable"(maybe?) tag.
I guess a lot of them would have a "fixed in unstable" tag.

Currently I believe there is no easy way to get this information.
(correct me if i'm wrong)

The tag "woody" seems seldom used.

I tried on the package "locales".

all bugs ever (i believe ?)

bugs with tag woody :

I think there is missing bugs here, like this one :

may be i'm wrong, but you see the point.

The current stable locales package is 2.2.5-11.5,
how do i retrieve bugs/small problems with this packages ?

thanks for your help,


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