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Re: Debian CDs --> local archive

Hans wrote:
I have a set of 13 CDs with the complete testing archive. How can I move
all the debs on them to one big archive on my harddrive, and change the sources in apt.sources to that archive so that I don't
have to insert CD after CD when installing/upgrading? --Hans

You have a moving target ofcourse. It changes every Saturday night, until sarge becomes stable. This Saturday has the latest installer on it which you missed because you said you already have the CD's, or did you jigdo them?


mount /hdb10/sarge-i386-1.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD1
mount /hdb10/sarge-i386-2.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD2
mount /hdb1/sarge-i386-3.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD3
mount /hdb10/sarge-i386-4.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD4
mount /hdb1/sarge-i386-5.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD5
mount /hdb10/sarge-i386-6.iso -r -t iso9660 -o loop /mnt/Debian3.1/CD6


in your sources.list:

deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD1/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD2/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD3/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD4/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD5/debian sarge main contrib
deb file:/mnt/Debian3.1/CD6/debian sarge main contrib


but if you loopmount more than 8 (?) then you have to set a kernel parameter to be able to do so. This was discussed in this list and I forget the kernel parameter.


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