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setting up swap?

I just did a net install of Sid using the latest available Sarge installer 

I was working with a new HD, doing a partition table from scratch.  The new 
partitioning tool worked, but I found it rather tedious to use.  I got 
impatient, switched to tty2 and just cfdisked the thing.  Then I tried to 
tell the installer about the partitions I had just formatted.

I got everything up and working after that.  Used the installer to format 
them, installed the base system, and away I went.  But I wound up with no 
swap, and I can't remember the Debian way to set it up.

It's a low mem box with only 128 MB, so it realllly needs swap.  I ran mkswap 
on the designated partition, and then rebooted at some point thereafter, 
hoping to make the magic happen.  No swap.

I notice on this box (also a recent install of Sid, but I did this one using 
an ISO from February) that I have no reference to swap in /etc/fstab, yet I 
do definitely have swap.  Curiously, I don't even have a swap partition 
anywhere on the drive I booted off of.  The kernel or some Debian script 
seems to have found the swap partition on my other drive automagically.

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
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