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debian refcard


Debian News had an item about the Debian Reference Card:


So I got the thing and it comes in 2 formats:

1. the pdf file

2. the source as XML.

I haven't got a clue what to do with the XML file, Any suggestions?

Next, what pains me, is the ONLY way I can get a decent printout is using Adobe's acroread. I tried all sorts of pdf viewers/converters and they sort of work but not quite, or the landscape page is cut off the edge, or the fonts are ridiculous. You mean being a Debian freak, I have to depend on 2 closed source binaries, NVidia and acroread?

BTW I no longer have XP around (when I was still unprincipled) to edit IRS pdf files with the Adobe Reader Editor, but it did a much better job than pstoedit and xfig do...


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