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Using Linksys WUSB11 USB ethernet adapter

I have a recent sarge network install cd that I would like to use to install debian on a laptop that has a Linksys 802.11b USB network adapter (model no. WUSB11 v 2.8).

What are the prospects of using the net install on this machine? In the network hardware detection phase, the adapter is not detected. Can I get through the initial install and then somehow install a driver for it (via floppy, e.g.) before trying to download packages?

I found evidence that the atmel driver works with this adapter, as shown in the post below from Nov 2003.

Kevin Murphy

"There is a really east way to get it to work . I also have the wusb11 ver 2.6 [author later corrected and said 2.8] and i used the atmel driver with it . Get the driver go to the comand line and expand the file the cd to "atmelwlandriver" do a make config and the answers are almost all no.Say yes to the build usb drivers and the first usb driver it list is the correct one so say yes to it then its no to everything else.I forgot to mention before all of this edit your modules.conf it need to have a line in it that alias usbcontroller uhci
then compile the driver
alias eth0 sis900
alias usb-controller usb-ohci
alias usb-controller1 ehci-hcd
alias usb-controller2 uhci
alias sound-slot-0 es1371
post-install sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -L >/dev/null 2>&1 || : pre-remove sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -S >/dev/null 2>&1 || :
post-install usbvnetr /bin/fastvnet.sh

after you compile the driver modprobe it
"modprobe usbvnetr"
then reset your computer
i have never had any problems with it so if it doesnt work i apologize but email me and i will try to help you with it

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