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Re: Anacron vs. cron.

On Saturday 01 May 2004 8:18 pm, you wrote:
> Thanks for your reply to my message.

No problem.

>>   but I strongly advise you to install anacron.
> anacron is installed.  The problem's with the crontab entries, which
> don't do anything if anacron's installed (see my original message for
> an example).
> My inclination is to delete anacron (barring the occasional power
> failure, my systems are always running), but I want to know if this
> is going to come back and bite me, much as having anacron installed
> has apparently bitten me already.

I'm no guru (you'd noticed? :) ) but I believe there is no reason to 
have anacron installed if you intend to run your systems non-stop. As 
far as I can see, it runs only on start-up (there is a script in 
/etc/init.d that runs it, if anacron can be found in /usr/sbin). Since 
cron is installed as (I think) a base package, and anacron is only 
rated as optional, I think you should just remove anacron. Although I 
am surprised if it actually prevents cron from running (some of?) its 
jobs, clearly this does seem to be the case. I think you should just go 
ahead and remove it.



PS. I'm replying on-list, in case I am wrong here. But I'm fairly 
confident I'm not.

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