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Re: more mutt questions

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 01:10:09 +0200, Richard Lyons wrote:
>  I assume from the popularity of mutt here that it must be good.  Over 
>  time, I have received the impression from various discussions here that 
>  it is possible to filter incoming mail to different folders and then 
>  read it with mutt.  I have restructured the folders in kmail so that 
>  they can be seen from mutt and have been experimenting reading them 
>  from mutt.  I am now getting doubts about the convenience of using 
>  mutt. 

Of course, if Kmail does everything you want in a way,
that's satisfying you, you have no reason to use mutt.

But with Mutt you can do almost everything you want.
And if no other MUA satisfies your needs, you have a
good reason to read some documentation an create your
own MUA - based on Mutt.

>  THis is what I do with kmail.  The incoming mail picked up from the pop3 
>  server is filtered to topic or client folders and the presence of 
>  unread mail is visible from bold face titles.  It is then easy to read 
>  the unread mail, in the order of priority I feel appropriate, and 
>  ignoring folders with no new mail.  This still works even after 
>  eliminating nested folders (which are invisible in mutt whether mbox or 
>  maildir).

My Mutt's inbox and outbox are identically, and incoming
and outgoing mail is sorted in threads. All incoming and
outgoing mail remains there, until I have "closed the case".
Then it is deleted or saved in one big mailbox. If I have
to search an archived mail, I use the limit option (fine
thing - filtering the mail to be viewed with regex).

Mail from mailing lists and spam is recognized by procmail
and automatically sorted into the appropriate boxes, where
I have a look from time to time.

>  To compare with mutt, I have simply opened the ~/Mail directory in which 
>  the folders are, and tried to read new mail.  Unread mail is not 
>  identified by default, so I went through a handful of the 70-odd 
>  folders and marked some recent mail as unread.  Then I tried to find it 
>  again.  The read next unread instruction in mutt appears to only 
>  operate inside a folder.  The folders containing unread mail are not 
>  flagged in any way.  I can only find the 'unread' mail by opening every 
>  folder (c then ? then scroll to the next folder and press enter -- not 
>  very simple) and looking for entries marked N.  
Finding new mails is very easy: Just change to the mailbox 
and type TAB. Mutt is jumping to the next unread mail then.
It's true, that you don't see immediately, in which of your
mailboxes you have new mail. But all important new mail
should be sorted to my inbox in my opinion. And with mutt
you can save it in the right archive mailbox by just typing
two keys (!). Just read about save-hooks.

And if I wanted procmail to sort new mail in different
mailboxes I would easily find a way to see instantly,
which boxes do have new mail and to open them
simultaneously. Mutt offers you the maximum convenience
- after a quite unconvenient and difficult configuration.


Sven Mayerhofer
N 53 35 E 07 54

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