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[Fwd: Re: question: sarge=weird]

Rob Weir wrote:

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 01:25:15PM +0200, steef said
hi out there,

got some weird experiences with a net-install of sarge this morning. using debian-installer_beta_3.

got lots of broken packages from two (dutch) servers.

"broken packages"?  Ones that couldn't be installed, or ones that had

somebody with the same experiences??? what has happened to the packages[-list] on these (all??) servers??

Unless a mirror is out of date (which shouldn't happen, but sometimes
does), everyone sees the same set of packages.  You can try
ftp.debian.org as your primary source if you want to rule that out.

well...broken packages: packages that could not be installed. i could p.e. not get X going with startx or gdm as root. mostly i use debian console-wise (tty 1, tty 2 etc.) not even that was possible.

ok i'll try debian.org (...one more time) (before i never had this kind of trouble)\\thnx


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