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Re: Activating ls colors by default

Markus Lindström wrote:
> I'm trying to find a way to make bash use ls colors by default, on all 
> virtual consoles. It seems my ~/.bashrc has this activated, but it only 
> uses it on any virtual terminal I create in X.

Please be specific.  What does "activated" mean?  Does it mean that
you have this following alias in your ~/.bashrc file?

    eval `dircolors -b`
    alias ls='ls --color=auto'

> I searched around the disk a bit, and found /etc/bash.bashrc and edited 
> it with the relevant parts of my ~/.bashrc, hoping it would fix the 
> problem, but ls colors still don't show up by default.

/etc/bash.bashrc is not the correct place for that.  It is just a red
herring to throw you off of the trail.

> What more do I have to do? Typing ls --color=auto each time gets a bit 
> tedious after a while ;-).

When users are created the /etc/skel directory skeletons of start-up
files are copied into the user directory.  One of those is the .bashrc
file.  See /etc/skel/.bashrc for the copy that was the default user
file when you created the user.  See that it turns on ls --color=auto
by default.  Which implies that you had color, but at some point
turned it off by editing your ~/.bashrc file.


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