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Re: ghostscript woes

On Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:20:19 +0200, David Fokkema wrote:

> Hi group,
> Since more than a week now, gv doesn't anti-alias my postscript files as
> beautifully as before: it uses less grays and more black.

This is a bug in gs which appeared sometime between 7.07 and 8.14. It
drove me nuts too -- I upgraded to 8.14 in an effort to get better PDF
handling and was quite disappointed to see the results, as you were. You
can downgrade to GNU ghostscript (gs package?), which is still at 7.07 in
the Debian archive IIRC.

xpdf seems to do better for me for viewing PDFs. You could also change
State->Ghostscript Options->Convert PDF in gv to "pdftops %pdf %ps", which
uses the xpdf converter instead of the gs one.


I believe the gs people claim it will be fixed in 8.15.



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