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NIC Detection Problem

 Dear All,

 I'm new in Debian. I have a D-link 530+ Network
Interface Card(PCI). I have been working on Slackware
and mandrake linuxes for several years but now I want
to switch to debian! to test it! ;) Anyway, I have
installed debian but it could not detect my LAN
adapter. As you know, most of all D-link adapters are
detected in redhat, mandrake, and slackware in VIA
Rhine III adapter type! So, I wanted to paste the via
rhine III support module to the kernel(bf24 or
vanilla) but it couldn't be installed. 

 so, I've decided to use my NIC driver for linux. my
NIC comes with a driver 4 linux in tar.gz form. Now,
my question is that how can I link the driver as a
module to kernel in debian after setup and/or while
I'm in setup phase?

 In my about 2 hours experience with debian ;) I've
understood that I could use "Configure a Foreign
Module" to link my driver. But it was mentioned that
it must be in a normal form (../lib/module/'session')
What does it mean? How should I prepare a floppy for
this reason(note that driver comes with CD not floppy)

 So, I want to know that how can I link the module
before/after installation? Thanks 4 ur care ;)


Kaveh Gh.

Email : Kaveh_gh@mehr.sharif.edu



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