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Re: Howto repartition a fat32 disk of win xp?

kd4d@comcast.net wrote:

Hello, all:

I purchased the new version of Partition Magic.  It does not
resize my XP partitions...there is just an error and no resizing.
Before I upgraded to XP SP1, Partition Magic did work.

Try qtparted and the new open source ntfsresize (available on sysresccd.org as a bootable live cd). That has resized every
NTFS partition I've thrown at it and it's free!

i'll second this, please note in my case it win2k and ntfs
a defrag still showed system files in the middle and top of the partition

run_qtparted managed quite nicely, win2k still quite happy, well when i
run it that is - not often


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