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Re: sarge?

Monique wrote:

>Then why are we even bothering with this whole "open source" thing?  
>I mean, it's *all* about licensing and, from the outsider's point 
>of view, fanatic disputes about how the world ought to be.
>I've been following (some of) the massive threads on debian-devel, 
>and while I am not quite sure where I stand on these matters, and I 
>do think that some of the devs are wearing their panties one size 
>too small (in terms of their tone), I do think it's important for 
>these discussions to take place.  There are movements afoot to 
>ensure that this debate can occur without delaying sarge's release, 
>and I think this is a reasonable approach.

Ok I do not follow debian dev, I am a little confused, didn't the 
developers vote to keep debian non-free in the project, and vote to 
pull out questionable firmware which are not DFSG compliant?
Seems to be a contradiction, maybe they need a new vote on non-free?

Since I am only a user, I agree that discussion is also important let 
them air their feelings.  My concern is support for new hardware, 
the Slashdot articles bring up some good questions.  If at a future 
date I am unable to have debian support for future hardware due to 
DFSG, then I am forced to use another Distro that supports such 

I am taking a wait and see approach, I am not upset at any Sarge 
release date, as long as it is a stable release and supports current 
hardware, I am happy.  I just hope that this does not effect the 
Debian community in a negative way.  It seems as of lately that 
Debian is bleeding developers, the list of orphaned packages seems 
to grow, while major decisions are not worked through, such as AMD64 
support, as well as X86-64.  Maybe this will in the end be good for 
the community, and strengthen everything.


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