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Re: Howto repartition a fat32 disk of win xp?

Joris Huizer wrote:

Kent West wrote:

Joris Huizer wrote:

The problem is, this computer has a 40GB disk with XP installed and we don't want to loose a file on it

How can I resize the 40GB partition 10 GB smaller (to add new partitions) without any data loss? I only have the debian woody 3.0r1 installation CS's available.

If it's FAT32-formatted (highly unlikely), you can use fips or gparted. If it's NTFS-formatted (most likely), the only solution I know of is the commercial (cha-ching$) product "Partition Magic".

Thanks for your reply Kent West,

No it really is FAT32-formatted - I assume this is because this XP was installed over a windows 98 (as 98 missed some drivers my dad "just" bought a XP CD :-/ ) I can't find gparted or fips on the first CD, just cfdisk, on which CD is it supposed to be? (I didn't go through all CD's yet but...) if gparted is really the GNU parted program I prefer that as in the manual resizing seemed to be very straightforward. Should I try another one of the installation CD's ? I have 6 different CD's...

Sorry I did a bit more searching... I see parted is on the second CDROM but if I start it isn't available - it's just in the pool but there doesn't seem to be a way to run it; How should I run it if it's only sitting in the pool - I really need to be able to resize that partition :-(

Thanks for your help,


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