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Re: X process cpu use

Matthias Hentges wrote:

Am Mo, den 26.04.2004 schrieb Frédéric Dreier um 15:08:

I have seen that my X process is eating always at least 10-15% of cpu time.. I was wondering if it was 'normal'.

I have noticed this on my dell laptop (p3, nvidia, kernel 2.6,sid).

Did you change the "nice" value of X to zero?

I think that I didn't changed it (in fact i don't know where to change it).

I have tried to remove devices (extern usb mouse, synaptic mousepad, DRI, ..) and use vesa driver, but I still have ~10% cpu load (already by kdm).

I started knoppix (it use vesa driver) and got a cpu load of '0' for the Xfree process.

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