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Re: kernel-image 2.6.5 and tg3 Network card Poweredge 1750


Jean-Marc Hoeltzli writes:

> The point is that if I use the debian distribution of kernel-source,
> or if I apply debian-patch the the official kernel 2.6.5
> distribution there is no tg3 driver anymore and if I only use the
> official kernel source distribution, the kernel will not load it's
> initrd properly due to the lach of the cramfs initrd patch.

In this situation, I would recommend you identify the part of the
Debian patch that backs out the tg3 driver, revert it, package it as a
kernel patch package, and use it locally to get a Debian kernel with
tg3 support.  This seems a lot of work at first, but is very nice to
have around for the next kernel upgrade.

Regards, Jens.

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