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Wireless Optical Mouse (MS brand-ish)


been setting up Sarge on a boxen so that my father can 'one day' look
into all this Linux thingamajig. I ran across a bit of a problem when
setting up his periphery:

He's using the 'Wireless Optical Desktop' by Microsoft, i.e. a combi-
nation set of ubersleek keyboard and mouse with a shitload of useless

The keyboard itself runs quite finely when using the generic USB key-
board drivers, but I can't seem to get the damn mouse working.  I al-
ready tried the Magic Hardware Problem Solver[tm] aka Knoppix, but to
no use; it didn't recognize the mouse.  I can't see the mouse via ls-
usb, merely the keyboard.

Both are using the same receiver for their wirelessness,  and that is
where I think the whole problem is.

Has anyone got a clue about what ingredientes  I need to have for the
appropriate satanic ritual, or at least a tip regarding how I am sup-
posed to get the USB mouse driver to listen to the mouse movements on
the receiver?
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