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Re: sarge?

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:

On 2004-04-27, Keith O'Connell penned:
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 07:40:09 +0200 "Axel Green" <axeltabs@hotmail.com>


is there any date set for sarge release?  I waiting impatiently....

Top item on Slashdot suggest "Not before 2005"


From the Debian Planet sidebar I have on slashdot:

"Don't Believe Everything You Read on Slashdot"

Here's the blurb from Debian Planet.  I can't see where it really
contradicts the slashdot claims, though:

Slashdot has an article describing the possible implications of the
recent General Resolution which makes "editorial changes" to the Social
Contract. However it seems that our Fearless Release Manager Anthony
Towns, who voted against the change (tally sheet), feels that the
ammendment means that we are very inflexible about what we can release
with. If the release process is to continue a large purge on now
non-free material needs to happen or this issue needs to be taken to the
technical committee in order to make a decision. Or failing that another
GR could be raised.
It is beginning to look as though the release is going to be delayed, but I don't think that Planets' derogatory interpretation of Anthonys' actions applies in reality. The 'editorial changes' had some far reaching implications, and I feel that his ethical stance in the face of not inconsiderable opposition is creditable. He was not the only one to vote for the changes, but now that the situation is established, as Release Manager, he is obliged to ensure that policy is abided by.


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