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Re: networking, NIC, kernel

 --- Richard Lyons <richard@the-place.net> wrote: 

> As to modules, I thought lsmod would tell me what is loaded, but it 
> gives only:
> parport_pc
> lp
> parport
> af_packet
> I suppose I need to boot into one of the 2.4 kernels and run some dpkg 
> reconfigure or other...

No, assuming 8139too loads and manages the interface fine (which for me,
it does), simply do:

echo 8139too >> /etc/modules

No need (and completely wrong) to be reconfiguring packages.

-- Thomas Adam

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you for all of them at once when you get better. The 
experience will probably kill you. :)"

 -- Benjamin A. Okopnik (Linux Gazette Technical Editor)

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