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Re: pon okay, browsers not.

Sebastiaan wrote:


On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Hans wrote:

Interesting problem, which I have never encountered. I set up my dial-in
with pppconfig, run pon and I connect to my ISP fine. Mozilla, lynx or
any other browser can't connect to anything on the net, however. Wrong
nameservers were my first thought, but they are dynamic, not static. Any
hints on where to look? Thanks.

How is your routing table? route -n
There should be a default gateway, where it points to depends on your

For DNS to work, first check if you can ping anything on the outside
network, like:

If that works, your connection is fine. Try a 'host www.google.nl' or
something to check if DNS works.

If both of this works you really should have a connection. If the ping
fails, your connection/routing is wrong. If the hostname resolution fails,
there is something wrong with your DNS.


I can ping outside my network, like the DNS server of my ISP. The hostname resolutions indeed fails, so what's wrong with my DNS then?


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