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i810-tco reboots my computer in sarge

i810-tco module doesn't fail to load. It starts and after 1 minute
restarts my computer. You write, and it was in the kernel documentation
that it wants to write to /dev/watchdog. The file doesn't exist, so I get
a shell and typed:

    $ cd /dev
    $ ./MAKEDEV misc   # it creates /dev/watchdog

ls -l /dev/watchdog says that this is the root's file in root group,
permissions were crw------- with major number 10 and minor number 130.
Then I load the module and it restarts my computer after 1 minute. I give
full permissions, but it doesn't work after it. Why do this module it? The
/dev/watchdog exists, and it has permissions to write this. Plz help how
can I work with it?

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