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Re: Files from XP

btom@passagen.se wrote:
[question about transferring files from WinXP to Debian]

Thanks for awnsering. I'm looking into samba right now. However I still
have one idiot question (hopefully with a short awnser): Is it possible
to connect the tow machines by putting a network cable between them or do
I need to patch the connection through a hub of some sort?

(Top posting is "discouraged" on this list.)

You can connect with a crossover (or "rolled") cable, but if you ever expect to do more networking than just this minimal bit, you probably want to get you a switch. Even better is to get a wireless switch/router, so that your laptop can use a wireless card and you won't be tethered to any one spot, and when you do upgrade to broadband (cable/DSL), you'll already have part of your networking infrastructure in place.

As far as transferring the files, get an ssh/sftp client for Windows (there are several free versions out there), and then simply point them to your Debian laptop after they're networked physically (or wirelessly). The ssh server may need to be installed on the laptop ("apt-get install ssh"), but I think it's installed as part of the base install. You might need to activate it though ("dpkg-reconfigure ssh").


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