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RE: Files from XP

>Hi Debian,
>I have a laptop running debian and I would like to
>transfer files form 
>computer running win xp to the laptop. Both computers
>have network 
>so I wonder if it is possible to connect them using a
>standard network 
>and transfer the files. If so, how do I go about it?


Well, what i'd do, and what i did for a long time
because windows networking is really bad (surprise
surprise), is connect them both to a network, and run
an ftp server on one of them.  then all you have to do
is log into it with the other and drop the files in,
or pick them up, as the case may be.  i used
http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/ filezilla server, as
i was running windows.  i do not know anything about
*nix FTP servers, except that it's probably built in,
or better.  *shrug*

hope it helps,
--Phil Ramey

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