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Apache/PHP4/exec bug

I have a script that uses RealProducer8 to convert from WAV to .rm. It's on an 
up-to-date sarge system and has stopped working in the past couple of weeks.

I've made a test script and stripped things down to try to narrow the problem. 
Here are some findings:

- The RealProducer (RP) execution should take about 30 seconds but, when 
accessed via HTTP, returns immediately with no output.

- The same script, on the same system, runs fine from the command line

- Via HTTP, the script runs fine if I just ask RP to show its help info and do 

- Identical script works on a woody system with no problems via HTTP

- safe_mode was off for the tests

It looks to me like a bug in either apache or libphp4.so, which is part of the 
PHP4 package.

Anyone any ideas?

Some version details...

sarge system:
apache 1.3.29
php 4.3.4

woody system:
apache 1.3.26
php 4.1.2



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