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Debian/XP MBR woes


I've been running a dual boot Debian/Windows98 system for months without trouble, using grub as my bootloader.

Recently I replaced 98 with XP, just reformatting my FAT32 partition before the install. I expected to have to reinstall Debian to get grub back in place, but was pleased to find a workaround: by booting from the Sarge netinstall CD, I was able to change my bootable partition from the fat32 back to my ext3 partition (/). I then rebooted and found both grub and my entire debian system to be intact.

The problem: Ater booting into XP from grub, then rebooting, it boots straight into XP without grub. Apparently XP is hijacking the mbr?

I reran the debian installer, redesignating my / partition as bootable, booted into debian, installed lilo into the mbr, blindly hoping it might fix things, and reinstalled grub. Unfortunately this changed nothing. Grub worked, but only until booting once into XP. I turned of System Restore in Windows, but that changed nothing.

I've searched the archives of this list, as well as google, but come up with nothing. I can't believe this hasn't happened to anyone else. Is this because I didn't do a clean install of debian? Would that fix it? Is there an easier way, like a utility to protect the mbr, or a setting in Windows perhaps?

Help is appreciated. Thanks.


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