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Re: nForce lockups back

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 12:35:26AM -0700, Daniel Asarnow wrote:
> to kernel 2.6.5 (from 2.6.4).  I built my kernel and
> rebooted.  I began to reinstall the nVidia drivers,
> and it locked up while building the nVidia kernel (I

If by 'nforce' you only are refering to the mobo chipset and not the video
chipset, the forcedeth and sk98lin kernel modules now support the built-in
ethernet interfaces, so you don't really need the nVidia propriatory

If you have nVidia video and want 3D, you still need the nVidia drivers
AFAIK, and I can't help you as I have a matrox card.



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